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Is there really a Fountain of Youth?

Currently, on this planet, no one can truthfully claim to have seen a Fountain through which someone can walk and end up becoming youthful forever. The closest anyone can come to this concept, is found in the Bible, where there is a promise of eternal life with no sickness, sorrows, or aging in the presence of God.

All through history, mankind has hoped for and desired to live long, youthful, disease-free lives. In our quest for this ideal life, we humans have pursued all kinds of plans and programs. Most of these avenues have proven to be empty but, have still managed to empty the pockets of many, while others profit financially by them.

On the other hand, science has finally come up with verifiable ways to extend life and youth. This is a catch up with truths that have been laid out in scripture for more than 550 years, when the Bible was first published in 1450 AD. Of course, these truths were there for years in scrolls, prior to their exposure through the Bible.

Admittedly, it's easier for most people to follow and use what science prescribes, than to follow what scripture prescribes. However, now that science can confirm some of the biblical truths that can prolong one's youth and life; it should be easier to pay more attention to the truths in the Good Book.

Adam and Eve and their immediate descendants, routinely lived to be hundreds of years old before they died. Adam lived to be 930, Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah lived to be 969, and Noah himself, did not even have his first kids (Shem, Ham and Japheth) till he was 500 years old. He lived to be 950 before his death.

These figures are mind-boggling when you compare them with what's happening today. However, there are lifestyle links to these long, youthful lives reported in the Bible. In our civilized, modern societies, if we could harness some of these lifestyle principles, we could do better than we are doing now.